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Proactive Patch Management

Patch Updates2

In this day in age, computer vulnerabilities are constantly coming up and according to recent reports, the SWAPGS attack is impacting computers running 64-bit INTEL and AMD processors.

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Have you been Pwned? (Password Stolen)

Governments Now Using Have I Been Pwned to Check Data Breach Status

Security Researcher Troy Hunt has set up a website, https://haveibeenpwned.com/ which enables people to check if their details are on any leaked or hacked password/information lists.

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Porn Password Blackmail


I have had a couple of customers report they received an email claiming to release a video of you watching porn to all your contacts.

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Rise in Microsoft Office 365 Phishing Attacks

Microsoft Account new login page

In the last two weeks, we have seen a big increase in Microsofts Phishing attacks. This is an email purporting to be from Microsoft, prompting you to login into your account.

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Windows October 1809 Update Pulled

Windows Update

Microsoft has had numerous issues with their 1809 update and have decided to pull it from windows update until they can correct the issues.

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Passwords, Passwords, Passwords


Everything you access online likely has a password. And like most, there's a good chance you use either the same password, or a similar password for many sites.

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Microsoft Office 2019 General Availability

1920px Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft have released office 2019 to the public on the 24th September. Unlike previous updates, this has begun rolling out to 365 immediately as a regular software update.

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Rise in Fake Xero/MYOB invoices

fake invoice email from myob australia com medium

We have noticed a large number of fake invoices coming through looking like those of MYOB or Xero.

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