After you've completed the first step and let us do an IT Check up on your business - We'll then go ahead and discuss with you where we may have found some areas of improvement - Some examples of this are:

  • You're currently running Windows 7 (Its support will be ending in January 2020 and will not be be provided with and security patches).
  • You're looking to hire some more staff, but you don't have enough capacity to facilitate this.
  • The Computers you currently not running a dedicated security suite, protecting you from malware, viruses and ransomware.
  • No backup solution, or a backup solution that wouldn't survive a fire, flood, theft, power surge, human error or ransomware/virus.
  • You are still using copper phone lines - we can help you transition to VOIP - saving you money.

Note: If we don't find anything that is of concern - at least you'll have some peace of mind in knowing that currently, your business is in perfect working order from an IT perspective.

Once you've reviewed our recommendations and if you're happy with what you're seeing, we'll go ahead and implement the required changes - Some examples of this are:

  • Procuring any required hardware.
  • Migration to Cloud email and productivity suite such as Office 365
  • Deployment of Endpoint security on all computers
  • Setting up our Remote Monitoring and Management software. 
  • Implementing a Cloud backup solution that follows the 3-2-1 rule.

Afterwards, we will give you a quick training session on how to use any newly deployed hardware and software, along with documenting all aspects of your IT, allowing all members of our staff to quickly reference configurations and passwords when required.